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Pumpkin Nook!!

Pumpkin seed search in high gear! When it comes to finding pumpkin seeds for the new season, pumpkin growers, and gardeners in general, waste no time. We look for something old, something new, nothing borrowed, and occasionally something blue. If you do not have your pumpkin seeds yet, and several varieties of them, what are you waiting for?

At this time of year seeds of all kinds are flying off the shelves. Make certain you get the varieties you want, by getting them now ...... before someone beats you to them.

This year, we are excited by the expanded varieties of pumpkin seeds we have available. From minis to giants, all sorts of colors and shapes. Looking for a fun pumpkin to grow? Try Red Warty or Peanut pumpkin.  Or, perhaps you'd like to grow Pumpkin on a Stick!  Find and grow these unique pumpkins and many more.

All kinds of seeds....  In addition to pumpkin seeds, we've got hundreds of varieties of flower, vegetable and herb seeds, at the lowest prices anywhere!

Exciting pumpkin varieties: Our beloved fruit comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes. There's the standard pumpkins, of course. And then, there's some crazy and unique varieties. More on pumpkin varieties.

Get your seed catalog......

Giant Pumpkins- Every pumpkin grower feels the urge to grow a giant pumpkin at least once in their lives. Those who try, often are hooked for life. The challenge is huge. Yes, we carry Dill's Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds

Going to grow a giant this year and break the world record? See what you've gotta beat. The World Record Pumpkin

 Pumpkins are tender annuals... Frost will kill them. Cold temperatures can stunt their growth. Plant them outdoors only after all danger of frost has past. And, plan to cover them up on cold evenings.

How to Grow Pumpkins: As you prepare for another a great pumpkin growing season, we suggest you read:

Pumpkin Seed Starting Dates

Pumpkin Seed Starting and Seedling Care

Preparing the Pumpkin Patch

Gardening, Backyard, Deck, and Seasonal Shopping-

Pumpkin Nook...... Facts, information, fun, and your resource for gardening and backyard merchandise at great prices.

Garden Seeds - Top quality pumpkin seeds, flowers, vegetables, herbs and organic seeds..

Germination Mats and Seedling Trays- Heated mats produce a faster, healthier start for your seedlings, and a higher germination rate.

Electronic Soil Tester- An invaluable tool that's quick and easy to use over and over again.

Buffet Buster- new and unique pest netting with frame that leaves deer and rabbits outside looking in.

Greenhouses and Raised Beds - Greenhouses and raised beds makes gardening easier and more fun. Lowest prices anywhere.

Outdoor Storage and Deck Boxes - Need extra storage, but you don't have room for a shed? Check out our outdoor storage and deck boxes now.

...... Thanks for supporting Pumpkin Nook!

Around the World!! We've discovered pumpkins growing on six of seven continents, all except Antarctica. Like you, gardeners of the world grow them for food and for fun.

Can you guess where this pumpkin patch is?

Find Out Now!

Pumpkins and your health... Growing pumpkins is fun. Like other gardening activities, researchers tell us its therapeutic. Eating pumpkins is healthy for you. Add a little pumpkin to your diet all year long.

More on Pumpkins and Your Health

See a plethora of pumpkin recipes in Pumpkin Nook's Cookbook

Today's Quote:

Quote of the Day: To err is human, a pumpkin is 'Da Vine!

Todays' Quiz question: Which colors are pumpkin colors?
A. Orange
B. White
C. Blue
D. Green
E. Red
F. Yellow

Find the Answers

Pumpkin Nook News (PNN) It's here! It's free! And it's not just for pumpkin growers.

Let us bring you up to date on the world of pumpkins: the latest news, facts, tips and other valuable information. We bring you information and tips in advance of each phase of the pumpkin cycle from pre-planting "Dream Days" to Halloween fun and Thanksgiving feasts. PNN is delivered in the same light hearted manner that you have come to expect from us at Pumpkin Nook. Sign up now to receive this free letter and don't miss another article.

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