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Safely light pumpkins

Qwiggle Jello Gelatin Mold Recipes

Lost the recipe instructions for one of your Gelatin molds? No Problem!!........

Just click on one of the links below for the recipe for your jello mold.  

Recipe instructions for:

Large Brain Jello Mold Recipe

Small Brain Jello Mold

Hand Jello Mold Recipe

Eyeball Jello Mold Recipe

Heart Jello Mold

Goulash Face Jello Mold

Dead Man Face Jello Mold

Alien Operation Jello Mold

Turkey Jello Mold

Jello Shots

If you are looking for Jello Gelatin molds, here are our most popular molds:

Halloween Combo- 1 each of small brain, heart and eyeballs

Large Brain - Approximately the size of an adult brain. Great for Halloween parties, often used for child raising and Shaken Baby Syndrome educational courses.

Small Brain - Approximately the size of a child's brain. Great for Halloween parties, often used for child raising and Shaken Baby Syndrome educational courses.

Eyeballs - One of the most popular molds is no longer available. The manufacturer went out of business.

Heart _ Halloween and Valentine's Day, celebrations after heart surgery.

Hand - Halloween, or fill with colored water and freeze for use as an ice cube in punch bowls. 

Squished Rat - Halloween, fear factor parties, and other creative uses. Make one for a rat and see if they get the message!

Dead Man Face - Novel and unique for any event

Football Mold - A must have at football games and parties. Football jello shots anyone!?

Mini - Pumpkins - Use this silicone bakeware for pumpkin muffins or as an individual mini-pumpkin jello mold.


Easter Eggs - Silicone jello mold and muffin mold

Hearts Silicone jello and muffin mold - Perfect for Valentine's Day and romantic occasions

Stars Silicone jello and muffin mold - for the Fourth of July and other parties and events, or just for fun.

Flowers Silicone jello and muffin mold - use this for springtime, bridal showers and more.

Did you Know? Brain Jello molds are used by many organizations year round to teach about things like shaken baby syndrome, and for child rearing training classes.

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Jello & Muffin Molds

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