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Pumpkin Chunkin

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Just when you thought you'd heard of everything, along comes a bunch of people trying to toss pumpkins farther than anyone else in the world. And so is born the "Pumpkin Chunkin Contest ". Festivals are held every Autumn, with the specific goal of chuckin a pumpkin further than anyone else. This contest is a very serious competition, with the competitors spending mega bucks to pitch a pumpkin with an air cannon as far as it will go.

The limitation  to pumpkin chunkin, or "chuckin", is the pumpkin. The force of firing a pumpkin out of the cannon, can pulverize it.

The one mile mark is in serious jeopardy of being reached. It is only a matter of time and finding the right pumpkin, one hard enough to be launched without vaporizing.

 The Pumpkin Chunkin festivals, also called "Pumpkin Chuckin", has multiple categories for kids and adults.

How far can a pumpkin be "tossed"? The current world record is over 3/4 of a mile! Participants are trying their best to hit the one mile mark. See the Current world records.

Competitions are held Nassau, Delaware and Morton Illinois. Often, an air canon can be found at other fall festivals.

Here are some pictures of one of the air cannons:

Pumpkin Chuckin Sites:

Nassau, Delaware

Morton, Illinois


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