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2001 Cucurbita Oscars

The Oscar nominations are now in. Take a look at this year's candidates. Send in your vote for Best Picture. Vote now

Best Picture:

Castaway- A pumpkin seed goes down in a plane crash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The only survivor, it drifts ashore on a deserted island. Initially distraught, it takes root on the island, surviving weather and nature. (Votes: 3)

Bring it On- Two rival pumpkin growing organizations are butting heads and making moves to ensure that nothing stands in their way. (Sounds kinda familiar, huh!?!)  (Votes: 0)

Pumpkin, Interrupted- This is the searing true story of a young pumpkin that finds itself prescribed to a short rest in a renowned pumpkin institution for troubled young pumpkins. (Votes: 1)

Loser- Earl Y. Gardener is a small town farmer just starting a pumpkin patch in New York City. With little cash, no friends and three hard partying pumpkin plants, Earl's life is the pits. Then ,he meets fellow grower Vinessa (Viney) Green and things start to look up. (Votes: 0)

Whatever it Takes- Hugo has a crush on Big Bertha, the most luscious pumpkin in the patch. Hugo endeavors to do what it takes to win the pumpkin of his dreams. (Votes: 2)

Charlies's Pumpkins- They're beautiful, they're brilliant and they grow for Charlie. (Votes: 1)

Honorable Mention:

  • The Big Kahuna Three growers are at a winter grower's meeting where anything can happen.
  • The Contender
  • Isn't She Great
  • Big Mama

Best Action Drama:

The World is Not Enough Only James Bond can stop an enemy who has concocted a diabolical scheme to control the world's Pumpkin supply. Bond barely survives a potential vine tip explosion while protecting a pumpkin heiress from the notorious Jack Frost.

Best Comedy Film:

'O Pumpkin, Where Art Thou? Three gardeners from the1930s embark on a comical flight through the rural South pumpkin patches. Part musical and part Homeric odyssey, this strange journey brings the trio into contact with a wide assortment of unusual characters.

Dude, Where's my Pumpkin- A bunch of teens seek the perfect pumpkin for Halloween

Best Actor in a Leading Role:

Will E. Glow Our Villain in "How the Grinch Stole Halloween" plays this role perfect and to a fault. His features are well rounded and well carved.

Best Actress in a Leading Role:

Erin Pumpkinovich Can you imagine anyone better suited for this role (or is that roll)?

Best Horror Flick:

The Perfect Storm Based upon the dramatic events that took place the by the North Atlantic. A group of pumpkin growers go off the deep end to grow the perfect pumpkin. At first, their efforts produce little fruit (as in miniatures). But they go further into the hobby, and ultimately grow the perfect pumpkin. But, before they can harvest it, a once in a century storm, a perfect storm, blows through and all are lost.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Halloween- And they call this a Children's Classic!? Go figure! To steal Christmas is one thing, but to even consider stealing Halloween is an other thing entirely.

Science Fiction:

Pumpkin Quest For years they risked their lives on their pumpkin patches.

Orange Planet A group of Astronauts charged with saving a dying pumpkin patch, make the first expedition to Mars hoping to grow pumpkins on it.

Crouching Cucumber Beetle, Hidden Squash Vine Borer And, you thought this was a kid's movie!!!? Need we say more.

Best Animated Movie:

Lady and The Tramp- Follow the escapades of Lady, a finely cultured and pedigreed giant pumpkin, and Scamp, a mixed breed giant squash. Will Scamp choose life in the wild or will he successfully woo Lady?

102 Jack O'Lanterns- Cruela D'Squashbug gets out of prison after seeming to turn over a new leaf. She promises to never harm a pumpkin plant again. But, well, you know Cruela.....

The Emperor's New Vine A self-centered emperor is turned into a pumpkin by his evil grower in this animated comedy. Forced to rely on the help of a kind-hearted peasant, the emperor learns a valuable lesson as he tries to regain his throne.

Honorable Mention:

  • Thomas and the Magic Pumpkin

Lifetime Achievement Award:

This year's award goes to one of the orange screen's all time best actors, Jimmy Stewart. Jimmy starred in a wide variety of movies and his love of pumpkins and orange was well known. Among his best were:

  • It's a Wonderful Pumpkin- a small town grower learns the meaning of pumpkin growing
  • Small Town Pumpkin
  • Wife versus Pumpkin- No question on the outcome here. 
  • Mr. Smith grows a Pumpkin
  • Pot O'Gold- A story about manure
  • The Greatest Cucurbita on Earth- perhaps the greatest movie ever made.
  • The Glenn Miller Pumpkin
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much- This guy knew all the growing secrets and struggled to keep them to himself.
  • Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation- That vacation was of course was well deserved and after the harvest.  

For Prior Years winners, see Oscars 2000 and  Oscars, 1999


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