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Pumpkin Records

world record giant pumpkins, pumpkin records

Pumpkin records exist in both weight and carving. They can be found in the Guiness World Book of Records. Many organizations and festivals are held each fall around Giant Pumpkin weigh offs. More than one person display their expertise and speed at carving pumpkins.

Here are the current records:

Giant Pumpkins (World record) - it's well over one ton!!!

Fastest Pumpkin Carver

Largest Pumpkin Pie

Most Lit Pumpkins

Most Pumpkins(by weight) on one vine

Pumpkin Chunkin(Distance)

Pumpkin Boat (Distance) - that's right, a boat!

A Lot of Pumpkin:

Just how much pumpkin will one vine support? (Keep reading...) Most growers of Atlantic Giants carefully select one or two fruit to keep on the vine. Keeping two on the vine for a time is an insurance policy in case something goes wrong with one of them. Many growers will then select the largest and fastest growing of the two somewhere along the season and cut off the smaller one. The common belief is that the plant will direct all of it's energy towards this one fruit.

To answer the question of how many pounds of pumpkin could grow on one vine, one grower grew one plant which produced 2,715 pounds of pumpkins. While this may truly is a lot of pumpkin, the world record for a single pumpkin is jest a mere 90 pounds less. Also, we are not certain if it was on the same vine of the plant (a technicality).

Fastest Pumpkin Carver, where speed is the name of the game:

The fastest pumpkin carving ever: On December 14, 2000, Steve Clarke of Havertown, Pa became the fastest pumpkin carver. Steve carved a pumpkin Rosemont High School where he teaches, in a record one minute and 14.8 seconds. In the process, Steve carved 19 seconds off the prior record held by Jerry Ayers of Baltimore, Ohio.

Most pumpkins: Jerry Ayers of Baltimore Ohio is not only fast, he has stamina. In 1999, he set a world record by carving one ton of pumpkins (detailed designs) in seven hours and 11 minutes. Now that's a lot of pumpkins!

Most Lit Pumpkins

For years, the folks in Keene, New Hampshire held and routinely broke this record. In 2006, their record stood at 28,952 lit pumpkins. Yes, the pumpkins must all be lit at the same time in the same place. Then, on October 26, 2007, Boston Ma. shattered this record with 30,128 lit pumpkins!  The record was part of a fundraiser for Camp Sunshine, raising over $250,000.

 Keene, NH recaptured the world record. At the Keen Pumpkin Festival in 2013, they displayed 30,531 pumpkins, all lit and glowing at the same time. Rumor has it, the residents are still "glowing" over this feat.

Will the record be broken again? It's all but certain!!!!!

Pumpkin Chuckin Record (Distance)

How far can you hurl a pumpkin? At annual fall events all over the country, people use an air cannon to propel a pumpkin thousands of feet, is called "Pumpkin Chunkin", or "Pumpkin Chuckin".

The world record stands at  5,545.43 feet. That's more than a mile away! Ralph J. Eschborn II, Alex C. Eschborn, Eric J. Eschborn, Pete Hill, Stefan Hill, John Piel, Verne Weidman, Don Brill, and Harry Harding accomplished this feat, using their "Big 10 Inch" air cannon in Moab, Utah, on September 9, 2010..

A few years ago, we were working with a pumpkin chucker to further the record. The air cannon is not the problem. The trouble is a pumpkin can not stand up to the G forces involved. Unfortunately, competition rules state that the pumpkin can not be frozen.

More information and pictures of Pumpkin Chuckin.


Pumpkin Boat Record (Distance)

You grew a giant pumpkin to several hundred pounds, or perhaps over a ton. The giant pumpkin weigh-offs are over. Halloween is past, too. Now, what are you going to do with this big beast!? Why, you hollow it out, and turn it into a giant pumpkin, of course!!! Pumpkin boats have been sailed in ponds, streams, rivers and lakes. There have even been competitive pumpkin boat races in New York City's Central Park.


Giant pumpkin growers all over the country have used their giant fruit to make a boat. The first step is to is carve out a wide lid from the top, and scoop out the insides. Next, for a personal touch, use your own creativity and style to decorate it. Pumpkin boasts can be powered by oars, sails or small electric motors. The final step is to hop in and sail the seven seas!


How far do you sail in a pumpkin boat, you ask!? On October 15, 2016, Rick Swenson of Breckenridge, Minnesota sailed his pumpkin boat down the Red River a record 25.5 miles!






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