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Halloween Party Fog Machines, Misters

A Halloween fog machine perfects the eerie scene you have created for your indoor or outdoor Halloween display. Foggers use fog "juice" to produce an abundance of fog. Fog machines add the final, chilling touch to your Halloween graveyard. It is wildly popular at Halloween parties and dances. It's great for office parties, too. Foggers are often used as special effects at parties and dances during other times for the year. After all, the pros use fog machines for special effects at shows, so why don't you?

Halloween Misters are gaining popularity. A mister operates using just plain water. No need to buy expensive fog juice. There is large and growing number of props that now have misters in them. They include pumpkins, skulls, gory torsos, buckets with hands, and more. When, the mister is not in use, the item is part of the Halloween display.

This 400 watt fog machine is perfect for your home  or office use, indoors or out. This fogger is economical and will last for years. 400 watt models produce 1800 cubic feet of fog per minute. Fogger sends a steady stream of fog continuously for 4 minute intervals. Ready for use with a wired remote.

700 watt fog machine is great for indoor or outdoor use when you have a larger area to cover. This size  fogger is a more powerful machine than the 400 watt unit. It produces 2500 cubic feet of fog per minute. Includes a wired remote.

Now, here is an interesting model. It's a decoration, too. Just add water, no chemicals. Why spend $$ on fog juice.!? Other misters to choose from. 


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