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 Frankenstein's Monster

frankenstien, monster, halloween

Frankenstein's monster was created in the laboratory of scientist Victor Frankenstein. Frankenstein has a gentle and intelligent personality.  But, you wouldn't know that. His scary, monstrous appearance causes everyone to run before getting a chance to know him, or to love him.......

There are many versions of Frankenstein since the original book was published in 1818. In the Original story, the monster did not have a name. Rather, it was referred to as "Frankenstein's Monster". Over the years, the monster came to be known as "Frankenstein", taking on the last name of his creator.  



Frankenstein's Monster was created with good intentions. Scientist Victor Frankenstein created his monster from a collection of body parts from dead people. He used electricity to bring the monster to life. His goal was to create this being for scientific research for the good of humanity. It backfired. While the monster was intelligent, and originally gentle, he was also hideous. Frankenstein was feared and mistreated by people. Victor Frankenstein attempted to destroy the monster. The monster ultimately, killed his creator. 

The Origin of Frankenstein:

The original horror novel was titled "Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus". It was written by Mary Shelley, and published in 1818. There have been many movies, television programs, and cartoons of Frankenstein.

Perhaps the most memorable show with Frankenstein, was the Tv comedy series The Munsters.  It aired 1964-1966. The Munsters featured  Herman Munster as the likable, not too brilliant, Frankenstein character, played by actor Fred Gwynne.


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