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Indoor / Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a big, big decorating event, both indoors and outdoors. Purchases of Halloween decorations is second only to Christmas. It is a multi billion dollar event. Best of all, Halloween is just for fun. It doesn't carry the stress of Christmas. This is just a few reasons for its increasing popularity.

Halloween was once a one night affair. Kids would get dressed up in costumes, and go out to Trick or Treat for candy in the neighborhood. Home and yard decorations were sparse. Halloween parties were somewhat infrequent. Today, Halloween has evolved into a entire season, lasting the whole month of October. It has become integrated with the Fall season, and includes hayrides, haunted houses, parties and Halloween decorating to the hilt, both indoor and outdoor. In some neighborhoods, there is stiff competition, to see whose front yard has the best and eeriest Halloween display. Will it be yours?

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

For outdoor Halloween decorating, you can go simple, elaborate, or anywhere in between. You may want to start with a Fall theme, then evolve it towards the scary, and eerie Halloween side as the big day draws near. Once Halloween night is over, revert your display back to a fall theme. Keep the Fall display up all the way to Thanksgiving. A corn stalk tepee makes a good centerpiece on the lawn for the whole season. Including a few pumpkins in the display, is a must. There's multiple sizes, varieties and colors to choose from. Design the setting to be friendly, scary, or ghoulish, depending upon the age of your children (if you have little goblins), and your own preferences. Add a fair amount of Halloween lights for nighttime viewing.

Decorate both the yard and the house, from top to bottom. You will have plenty of outdoor Halloween decorations to choose from.

Indoor Halloween Decorations

Indoor decorations should be selected with style and taste. It should be "kid appropriate" - friendly for younger kids, and scarier as they get older. Halloween lights, and animations are popular. Scarecrows are always popular. Spider webs and a few ghosts are a must. Fog machines are a party favorite to set an eerie scene.

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