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Halloween Spiders

There's something extra-creepy about spiders. Most of the gals, and a fair number of guys, get all creeped out at the sight of them. Lying in bed at night, the thought of one creeping across your face, is enough to give a person insomnia in a big way.

When you walk into a spider web, you don't just brush it away. It sticks and clings to you. You wonder if the spider was on the web, and is now crawling down into the back of your shirt. If it's a Black Widow spider, you are really in trouble!

These little creatures help to put the scare and a few screams into Halloween.

If you see a spider web, don't stop to look at in and wonder upon how such a little guy could make such a spectacle. No, don't stop at all......... RUN!!!!!!

Did you Know? The fear of spiders is called Arachnophobia. More Halloween Phobias

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