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Pumpkin Patches and Farms

Autumn has arrived. Sultry, summer heat and humidity has given way to crisp, clear air. Out in the pumpkin patch, there's many, big, bright orange pumpkins just waiting for you!

No matter what your age, there's something very special about an Autumn visit to a pumpkin patch, or farm market. Searching for the perfect pumpkin isn't fun and exciting at your local grocery store. This kind of excitement, can only be found with a visit to a pumpkin farm.

People think they are going to a pumpkin patch in search of pumpkins. What they are really seeking, is a good time, and a memorable experience. Farms and merchants know this. So, they add all sorts of fun things for you to do during your visit. Among the most popular are:

Corn Maze: Corn mazes are great places to get lost for a while. They are amazingly popular with young kids, teens and even young adults. Farmers charge a fee for people to "get lost" in the corn maze.

Hayrides: People of all ages love to hayrides. A hayride through the pumpkin patch or the countryside, usually costs just a small fee. If the pumpkin patch is away from parking, the hayride to and from is often free. Many farms create a haunted hayride, and offer them after dark. Haunted hayrides are extremely popular as Halloween nears.

Tip: When going out to a pumpkin patch or farm market, don't forget to bring the camera.

Pumpkin Lore:  In the cartoon show, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", Linus believes that the"Great Pumpkin" will visit his Halloween pumpkin patch, as long as it is sincere. He forgoes Trick or Treating, to shiver in his pumpkin patch, awaiting the Great Pumpkin, who will bring toys and other gifts.

Question: What was Linus' last name?

Answer: VanPelt    

Pumpkin Picking Tips - How to pick the perfect pumpkin. Review of this page before you go out to the pumpkin patch.

Anatomy of a pumpkin - Can you name each part?


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