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Fall and Halloween Scarecrows

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Scarecrows scare crows, and other birds. While the birds may be afraid, most of us see scarecrows as friendly. If you have little ones, or just want a more lighthearted Fall and Halloween display, add a friendly scarecrow or two. They are fun and easy to make. The kids will just love playing in the straw, as you put them together.

Your Scarecrow  is a huge symbol of Fall and the harvest season. They look great on display, from early Fall, all the way to Thanksgiving.

Question for Today: Why did a scarecrow win the Nobel prize?... Because he was outstanding in his field!

The Origin of Scarecrows

Scarecrows have been used for thousands of years. The earliest scarecrows were over 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Scarecrows stood guard along the Nile river, keeping quail and other birds away from crops. In these ancient times, Scarecrows were often live humans.

Cultures around the world have used scarecrows to protect their crops. Japanese used them to protect rice fields. Ancient Greeks carved wooden scarecrows, to keep birds away from grapevines. Native Americans placed scarecrows amidst corn crops.

Scarecrow Trivia

  • Definition of a scarecrow: That which frightens without doing physical harm.

  • In the Middle ages, Europeans believed they had special powers.

  • The most famous scarecrow: In the Wizard of Oz. He was played by Ray Bolger, who also played the ranch hand "Hunk".

  • Sohodo-no-kami is the god of scarecrows. (I didn't know they needed a god)

  • Formidophobia is the fear of scarecrows

  • The first  known scarecrows were in ancient Egypt.

How to Make a Scarecrow

It's easy to make a scarecrow. Start with some old clothes and a bale of straw. Stuff the clothes with straw. Assemble the scarecrow, by running a pole inside to the pants and shirt. Push the pole deeply into the ground. Finish up, by adding the head, and a straw hat.

Tip: For a great display, sit the scarecrow a top a bale of straw. And, of course, include a few pumpkins in the display.

More on How to make a scarecrow - step by step

scarecrow, images, image, picture, pictures

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