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Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Dill Ring

Giant pumpkin growers worry and fret over problems that can develop with their  plants and fruit.

One problem that can occur is called a Dill Ring. It is also referred to as a "Sag Line". Oddly, this condition is named after Howard Dill, who developed the Atlantic Giant pumpkin variety. One would think that a pumpkin fruit problem would not be named after one of the founding fathers of the great hobby of giant pumpkin growing.

A Dill Ring is a sag line, or depression that runs across a pumpkin from side to side. Above the line (closest to the stem), the pumpkin develops normally. Below the ring, or sag line, the fruit is markedly smaller, creating an odd-shaped pumpkin. Unfortunately, this fruit will not go on to become the weighty monster a giant pumpkin grower dreams of.

If you have a fruit with a Dill Ring, we recommend you cull it from the vine, and allow another fruit to develop.

It is believed that this condition is genetic. Therefore, it is wise not to save seeds from any pumpkin which has a dill ring, or any fruit from a vine that produced a pumpkin with a dill ring. Otherwise, the genetic trait can be passed on to future generations.   


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