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Varieties of Pumpkins- Lots and lots of 'em!

pumpkin, seed, seeds, varieties, pumpkins

Big pumpkins, small pumpkins, and everything in between pumpkins. There's a wide, wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. Aren't we lucky!?

Here are some varieties of pumpkins you can grow this year, with pride!


jack,be,little, miniature, pumpkin, seeds Jack-Be-Little - Abbreviated JBL, this little pumpkin fits in the palm of your hand. While it is tiny, it has a HUGE presence for fall decorating

baby, boo, seeds, variety, miniature Baby Boo - Cute, miniature, white pumpkins. It will make your Halloween even spookier! 

mini, minature, seed, image, pumpkins  Mini Harvest Blend - If you like miniature pumpkins, you'll love this miniature harvest blend. It includes Hooligan, Gooligan, and Bumpkin. How can you beat that for Fall and Halloween decorating!?


jaradale, blue, pumpkin, picture, images Jaradale - It's a blue pumpkin. Weighing 6 to 10 pounds, the Jaradale is unique and decorative. Use it for baking, mashing and cooking. Jaradales are long keepers.

wee,be,little, pumpkin, seeds, variety  Wee Be Little - This little pumpkin is just 3 inches in diameter, round and grows to about a pound. Use them for carving or painting. They are tasty, too!

sugar, pie, pumpkins, seeds, pictures,images, jpgs Sweet Sugar Pie - These pumpkins are perfect for baking. Sweet, finer textured pulp. Sugar Pie sets the standard. Pumpkins average 5 to 7 pounds.


casper, seed, white, pumpkin, image  Casper -  It's ghostly white! And, it's sure to be an attraction in both your pumpkin patch, and in your Fall or Halloween displays.

fairytale, fairy,tale, seeds, pumpkin, seeds Fairytale - A  unique and popular French "cheese" pumpkin. Deeply lobed shape, and rich, deep, tan color. The flesh is fine-grained, and delicious in your favorite recipe. Long keeper. 15-18 pound average.


blue, doll, varieties,variety, seed, images, pumpkins  Blue Doll - Blue Doll will draw surprised stares, and a second look. Almost square fruit, it is an eye-catching blue color. Grows big, 20 - 30 pounds.

Cinderella, seeds, picture, image, french, heirloom, variety Cinderella - This is a French heirloom variety, and very, very popular. The fruit is reddish-orange, flattened and ribbed. It almost looks like a cheese wheel. Cinderella produces 25 - 35 pound fruit, that is both beautiful and tasty.

Conecticut, field, images, pictues, variety Connecticut Field - It's excellent for large Jack O'Lanterns, averaging 15 to 25 pounds. Bright orange, ribbed rind, with deep yellow, coarse flesh. Connecticut Field pumpkins are a home garden favorite.

HArvest,jack, jack, o'lantern, seeds, pictures, image Harvest Jack - This easy to grow and high yielding variety, averages 25 - 30 pounds. The fruit is dark orange with long handles. It makes great, large Jack O'Lanterns.

howden, images, seeds, pumpkins Howden -  Howden pumpkins are a Halloween favorite. Big, bright orange, and easy to carve. The fruit grows 20 - 30 pounds. The plant can produce 4 - 6 pumpkins.

jack, o'lantern, variety Jack O'Lantern - Perfect size for Halloween pumpkin carving Averages 8 to 15 pounds. Bright orange, ribbed fruit.

Giant Pumpkins

Dills, atlantic, giant, pumpkin,seeds,picture, images Dill's Atlantic Giant - The Grand Daddy of them all! Looking to grow a pumpkin that weighs a thousand pounds or more? Get Dill's Atlantic giant pumpkin seeds.


Peanut, pumpkin seed, seeds, jpeg Peanut - This truly unique pumpkin is pink with beige bumps, resembling peanuts covering its surface.

pumpkin,on,stick, seeds, pictures, images, jpgs,   Pumpkin on a Stick - A truly fascinating plant. Actually, an eggplant, it is quite novel. Use it to WOW fellow gardeners and passersby. Great for fall craft projects, and floral arrangements.

Red,warty,thing, variety, image, picture Red  Warty Thing - This lumpy red-orange pumpkin will make your weird and eerie Halloween display stand out. Weighs up to 20 pounds. Use it in a wide range of Fall and Halloween decorating. It's also an excellent eating pumpkin with sweet, stringless flesh.


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