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2020 Halloween Party Time at Pumpkin Nook

Halloween Outdoor Display

Fun, Fun, Fun:

Fortune Pumpkin

Halloween Dance


'Twaz the Night Before Halloween    

Halloween Phobias

Halloween Lingo

A Ghostly Time

Halloween Fun

Kid Stuff

Clip Art


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When is Halloween?

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Anatomy of a Pumpkin

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Scarecrow Trivia

The Witches Caldron by Shakespeare

Did you Know? On November 1st, 2001, Salem, Massachusetts cleared 20 people of being witches. These people were convicted and executed for being witches during the infamous Salem Witch trials in the 1600's.

Ghsot Dancing

Joke of the Day:

What is Count Dracula's favorite cereal?

Halloween Bar

Halloween Witch

Get your fortune from our
Fortune Pumpkin ...if you dare!

Did you Know? Wicaphobia is the fear of witches and witchcraft. And, if you are afraid of ghosts you have Phasmophobia. More phobies

Did you ever see a spider on Halloween? It is believed that they are the spirit of a dead loved one who is watching you! More on Halloween Spiders,  

Halloween Bar

Did you Know? Mistletoe was used to ward off evil spirits. And, you thought is was only good for a kiss!

Our Motto: If you've got it. haunt it"

Did you know? The Boys Scouts initiated the custom of "Trick or Treating" in America.

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Thanks for spending a little bit of Halloween 2018, right here at Pumpkin Nook!


Halloween Decorating
and Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Jello Molds

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