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Halloween Lights and Lighting

Halloween lights have become an essential for Halloween decorating, indoors and out. Spending  for Halloween is second, only to Christmas.  Halloween decorating and lighting has blossomed in recent years. Creativity is growing....Kewl!

Halloween lighting is an important component of the indoor or outdoor setting you want to create. Halloween lighting should not be bright. It is important to set the mood and scene, yet provide a little light for ghosts and goblins , as they move around the area.

Below are some of the basic types for lighting available to you to make your Halloween party, haunted house, or haunted front yard look absolutely eerie and spooky.

Types of Halloween Lights:

String lights- Like Christmas lights, string lighting is popular for decorating. Halloween light colors are orange and purple. Other colors don't fit the atmosphere, or set the mood.

Solar Lights- They're increasingly popular Halloween lighting. No wiring. Place them anywhere. Move them around  with ease. They use rechargeable batteries. We've found pumpkins, skulls, and graveyard scenes.

Black Lights- Adapted perhaps, from other uses in  the sixties and seventies, Blacklights have found the perfect Halloween home....yours.

Strobe Lights- Creates the illusion of lightning. Strobe lights are popular at many haunted houses and parties. There are strobe lights for placing inside of pumpkins, too. It creates a great effect.  

Novelty Lights- These lights look good in a variety of places, including fireplace mantles, outdoor shrubs(make sure its for outdoor use), dorm rooms, and entryways. Kids like these and they tend not to be as scary. Try them at your kid's Halloween party.!

Lighted Spider Webs- They help to create a spooky scene, yet not too spooky for younger kids. And, they fit just about anywhere.


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