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Halloween Related Phobia

There are a lot of fears or phobias, out there. Everybody has at least one phobia, and perhaps many more. Halloween certainly has it's share.

Here is a list of phobias we are aware of:

Name: Fear of:
Achluophobia Darkness
Alliumphobia Garlic
Arachnophobia Spiders
Astraphobia Thunder and Lightning
Bogyphobia the Bogeyman
Catoptropobia Mirrors
Ceraunophobia Thunder
Chiroptophobia Bats
Claustrophobia Confined spaces, like coffins
Cleisiophobia being locked in
Coimetrophobia Cemetaries
Cucurbitophobia pumpkins....heaven forbid!!!
Dementophobia Insanity
Demonophobia Demons
Eisoptrophobia mirrors, or seeing oneself in a mirror
Formidophobia Scarecrows
Hadephobia Hell, or going to Hell
Hagiophobia saints or holy things
Heliophobia the sun, vampires beware
Hemophobia blood
Noctiphobia night
Nyctophobia Darkenss
Ornithophobia birds... like bats
Phasmophobia ghosts
Placophobia tombstones
Phobophobia The fear of fears
Samhainophobia Halloween, what's to be afraid of!?!
Satanophobia Satan
Sciophobia Shadows
Spectrophobia Specters or ghosts
Staurophobia the crucifix
Taphephobia being buried alive, especially in cemetaries
Triskaidekaphobia The number 13
Wiccaphobia witches
Zoophobia animals

More Phobias


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