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Halloween's Just Too Scary

Halloween is all about scares and frights. We scare others, they scare us.....KEWL!!!!!

These links are only for the bravests of the brave. All others must go back now!

The Graveyard  Write your own epitaph on a tombstone on this site!

Caverns of Blood The title says it all.

Jan's Courtyard

Samhain, Lord of the Dead

A Samhain Celebration: A Quick History

The myth of Samhain: Celtic god of the dead This article take exception to some of the myths around Samahin, especially around the belief that he was a god.

Dia do los Muertos The Day of the Dead is Mexico's way of honoring the Dead. It is celebrated on November 1 for children and November 2 for adults. Believe it or not, it is festive and includes skeletons and of course pumpkins!

Spooky Stories

Scary Stories

Ghost Stories A really good collection


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